Useful Android Device Tricks and Tips You Do not Know

I am going to share on this blog post Some Android Tricks and Tips you do not know. Android smartphone are just Like computer where you can perform basic task with a specific trick without using the normal form. As such are some shortcut feature which gives you an added advantage and that is why I want to let you know about some basic tricks and tips of Android Device you may not know but need to know them.

I am going to outline them to know how this Useful android Tricks and Tips work best for you. Below are some of the tricks and Tips.

1. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Voice: Do you know there are some Apps that can do exactly as the above? These apps are available on Google search engine which I am going to share some to you to try them out. These apps include Siri, Google Now and Cortana and it works by just Launching any of the Apps and Speaks Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and see how it automatically turn them off.

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2. Get to Control Your Laptops/PC with Your Android Phone: Yes I could still remember quite well I vividly explain this which I am not going to repeat again but incase you mids the post,

3. Airplane Mode Speed Charging up to 50%: it has been proven working and certain that Switching your Android device to Airplane mode will speed up charging. When a Device is in Airplane mode, battery usage is very minimal and thereby boost speed in charging.

3. PIN one App as the only Access: This feature is very cool which means you can pin just any Android app and give your phone to your friends, it will become in accessible with just that app as your friend can’t access any other information from your Android Device and keep your private files secure

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4. Safe Mode Access: well sometimes you have to boot your phone in safe mode that if you know how to do it because Safe mode is a hidden feature which is used to disable a third party app or remove virus from your Android device. To boot your phone into safe mode, turn off the phone completely and press the power button to turn it back on. Immediately the phone turns on, press and hold the volume down button until your phone boots up or you can hold the power button + Volume down and this may varied on some smartphones.

Well that all for now, keep refreshing and get to know useful tips and tricks of your Android service you do not know, others Like using 2 same apps on a single phone without conflicting signature like using 2 Facebook apps, Whatsapp and other to mention a few which i am still going to let you know how to do such, Have a nice time.

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